Books I read 5- “Raising Human Beings”

5. Raising Human beings by Ross W. Greene.
I thought I will give it a go, as parenting tips are always welcomed. The main idea of the book is to be more empathic, less authoritarian and more in-tuned with your child. Dr Greene disencourages parents from, as he calls it, Plan A- disciplining the child without understanding what’s the real issue. The main idea is to build solutions collaboratively with your child, by first understanding what’s the problem, or how they see the problem. And here’s the key question: What’s up?:) Instead of pushing an idea on your child, the parent should try to learn more about what’s up with their child. Empathy and listening are the key tools here.
I’m not sure how it can work with a 4-year-old, but I will definitely try.

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