I don’t have time to exercise

We all struggle with lack of time. No time for myself, no time for exercising, healthy eating.

When I hear my clients complaining about lack of time I normally reply: it’s not lack of time, it’s just a question of priorities.

So what is important for you in your life now? What drives you? What gives you motivation to do things?

Often when I ask people about their values they seem to think it’s such an obvious question – everyone knows their values. Don’t they? You might have a general idea but I really doubt that you worked through the details.

Having that clarity can help you gain more motivation. If my family is important to me and I want to be healthy for them, then I can use it as my motivation. Instead of seeing exercising as a chore I start to see it as a tool to better health and longer life with my family. This combines “reframing” and using “values” as motivation – two very powerful tools.

So? What do you say now?

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