Be present, be here and now- mindfulness meditation

How can we be more present ? How can we feel happier with what we have?

Mindfulness is currently a big thing in psychology. With a lot of research behind, it gives us tools to find our inner peace. Something we all crave.

I hear frequently people telling me that they are not good at it. It’s really hard to master mindfulness, what counts is trying. Just try it. Even for those little moments when you are waiting for the lights to change.

But what mindfulness really means?

As UCLA defines it: “Mindful awareness can be defined as paying attention to present moment experiences with openness, curiosity, and a willingness to be with what is. It is an excellent antidote to the stresses of modern times.”

How to start?

If you are new to mindfulness, then I suggest you try one of the many mindfulness apps. Following a guided mindfulness meditation makes it easier to start with. You can find some examples of available apps in the resource section. I hope you enjoy it 😊

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