What is self-compassion

“Self-compassion is embedded within a sense of interconnection rather than separation. One of the biggest problems with harsh self-judgment is that it tends to make us feel isolated and cut off from others. When we fail it feel inadequate in same way, we irrationally feel, “Everyone else is fine. I’m the only one who is such a hopeless loser.” This isn’t a logical process, but an emotional reaction that narrows our understanding and distorts reality. Even when things go wrong in our lives that we don’t blame ourselves for (and, sadly, we blame ourselves for most things), we tend to feel that somehow other people are having an easier time of it, and that our own situation is abnormal. We act almost as if we had signed a written contract before birth promising that we’d be perfect and that our lives would always go the way we wanted: “Excuse me. There must be some error. I signed up for the “Everything will go perfectly until the day I die” plan. Can I get my money back?” It’s absurd, and yet most of us believe something has gone terribly amiss when we fail or when life takes an unwanted turn.”

From “Teaching the Mindful Self-Compassion Program” by C.Germer and K.Neff

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