How do you look after yourself?

I often ask my clients: how do you look after yourself? What are you self- care strategies? I find that most people have difficulties identifying those nice things they do for themselves, especially women… So I suggest, what I call, “going back to basis”: sleep, eat, exercise, relax (breath or practice mindfulness), the more you can do, the better.
It’s always important to find few moments for yourself and it’s super important to do it when you are going through a difficult moment. No planning, no organising, first re- fuelling your body.
Make sure that you are not “running on empty”. After you make sure your basic needs are met, then it’s time to add some more self- care strategies like: doing something nice, calling a friend, having a bath, going out for dinner or movies etc.

Remember: you can’t look after others if you can’t look after yourself first, give yourself a break and some love 🙂