It’s not about the food, right? The thin ideal culture

Living in this current cultural climate, where women are bombarded with the thin ideal, it’s hard to imagine a female whose self- evaluation isn’t unduly influenced by her shape and weight.”

C. Costin & G. Schubert Grabb, “8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder”

At first, it’s hard to comprehend how eating disorder is not about the food. Or how anxiety is not always about the future. It’s hard to make those connections and put all the puzzles together.

A lot of factors will affect the way your eating disorder has developed, such as: environment , parenting styles, personality and/or cultural pressure.

But let’s look at the culture. What do we see everywhere around us? What do we find on social media? How many of us look away when we see those living in bigger bodies? How many women have been taught that they need to be pretty (and skinny) in order to be loved/accepted/ liked? It is true that we like pretty people but the reality is that most people are not and most people (especially in Australia currently) are not skinny. So it’s important to ask ourselves what kind of idea am I chasing? Is it my personal goal or something that I was told “I should” make my goal. And how achievable it is? How realistic it is?

So let’s heath be our goal!