the body is not an apology

Books I read- “The body is not an apology”

“The body is not an apology” has been on my reading list for a while. It’s kept showing up in different posts about body positivity. And now the time has come for me to give it a go in a form of an audiobook. I love that Sonya (the author) reads it, I really enjoy her voice and her accent. It’s like listening to a warm, carrying stranger, of whom you know they only have good intentions.

Interestingly the concepts she discusses have been useful for me to apply with my clients in a context of work related injuries. Initially, my idea was that the book would be more useful for a young female struggling with body acceptance, however with time it made me realise that anyone can use Sonya’s ideas. Even if you are OKish with your body, you might not be OK with the way you are perceived in your culture because , for example, as a female you have decided not to have children, or you wear short (or long) hair, or you are non-binary, or your child is neurodiverse.

And I keep thinking about the title as well. How often we do apologise for being different, for not feeling in.

Next step it to listen to Brene Brown’s podcast where she talks to Sonya about the book.