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Should I get assessed for ADHD or Autism as an adult?


In my opinion: Yes! It is worth going through the assessment process even if you think you will not be accessing NDIS (this applies to Autism only) or you do not want to take ADHD medication.

“Whist an early identification has been found to positively influence a neurodivergent individual’s psychological health, a late identification of autism and/or ADHD has also been associated with improvements in overall wellbeing”  (p.27)   

Eating Disorders and Neurodivergence: A Stepped Care Approach By Laurence Cobbaert and Anna Rose (nee: Millichamp) on behalf of Eating Disorders Neurodiversity Australia (EDNA)

The journey of self discovery tends to be longer for neurodivergent people. So there are a lot of mixed feelings, however most of my clients  feel relieved: all the puzzles come together:  “now I know why”. 

Knowing that you are autistic or ADHDers can help you unmask and feel safer. It can help you find your people, understand your strengths and often it provides you with an explanation for some of your struggles and challenges. 

Autism Awareness Australia has a nice short video taking about this topic.