Interoception and self-regulation

Interoception issues

“Interoception: Interoception refers to one’s feeling and interpretation of internal bodily signals such as hunger, fullness, pain, thirst, temperature, fatigue, pleasure, or heart rate.  Interoceptive confusion is common among autistic people as well as ADHDers.

Interoception is connected to time processing, perfectionism (motivation, attention, memory, emotional responsiveness, sense of self, and goal-directed behaviours). Interoception also impacts on eating behaviours, disordered eating, and body image (Furthermore, interoceptive awareness is an overarching construct in mental ill-health more generally (e.g., self-harm, depression, dissociation, anxiety)”

Here’s a great source where you can learn how work on improving your interoception skills. 

Source: Eating Disorders and Neurodivergence: A Stepped Care Approach By Laurence Cobbaert and Anna Rose (nee: Millichamp) on behalf of Eating Disorders Neurodiversity Australia (EDNA). Work commissioned by the National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC)