Psychologist under WorkCover Queensland and WorkSafe Victoria

In Australia, each state manages WorkCover claims differently. If you got injured in NSW and you are looking to see a psychologist under Workcover, you can use SIRA’s website and their “Allied health practitioner search”:

This is not the case in Queensland and Victoria. So it can be more difficult to find a psychologist who provides treatment under WorkCover Queensland or WorkSafe Victoria. 

The good news is that EN Psychology sees clients with psychological and physical injuries from different states. Both Ewa and Danka are registered psychologists with WorkCover Queensland, WorkSafe Victoria, and SIRA in NSW.  

Moreover, we provide psychological treatment in Polish and Spanish. 

Recently,  we have noticed an increase in enquiries about EMDR therapy for clients who have experienced bullying and harassment and have lodged their claims with WorkCover Queensland and WorkSafe Victoria

If you are struggling with trauma-like symptoms due to sustained injury, you can access EMDR therapy with your insurance approval.   

How to access psychologists  under WorkCover Queensland or WorkSafe Victoria?

It’s easy. Contact us directly, providing your name, claim number and your case manager’s details, and we will seek approval from them directly.  If treatment has not been pre-approved you might need to obtain a referral from your GP. 

Is there any cost? 

No, if your claim has been approved, you will not have to pay anything for your psychology sessions.