How to choose an EMDR therapist

As in any therapy,  when choosing an EMDR therapist, it’s really important to find the right fit. What to consider when choosing an EMDR therapist?

  • Are their sessions covered by Medicare? If you choose to see a councillor, then you won’t be eligible to access medicare rebates. The amount of rebate will vary depending on your therapist’s qualifications. For example,  when you see one of our psychologists  you can get get $93.25  back from Medicare. This will be higher if you have reached Medicare Safety Nets threshold.  
  • How many hours of training and supervision have they completed? 
  • Are they members of any of the EMDR associations?  
  • Are they accredited practitioners or consultants? 

In Australia, we have EMDRAA to look after EMDR clinicians.  They overseas the level of competency that each clinician has.  Here’s a brief overview of these levels:

  • Associated Member– has interest in EMDR but might not have completed any training 
  • Full Member– has completed 20 hours of training & 20 hours of practice &

    10 hours of consultation with an approved Consultant 

  • EMDRAA Accredited EMDR Practitioner.  EMDRAA Practitioners must meet the following requirements:

    • Completion of a recognised EMDRAA training.
    • At least one year of clinical experience since completing EMDR Basic Training.
    • Completion of a minimum of 50 EMDR therapy sessions.
    • Treatment of a minimum number of 25 clients.
    • A minimum of 10 hours consultation/ clinical supervision with an EMDRAA Accredited Consultant which includes witnessing the applicants EMDR clinical work either through DVD or in-vivo.
    • Two references, one from the EMDRAA Consultant and the other from a person who can comment about the applicant’s professional practice & standing.
    • Proven membership of EMDRAA.

In plain English, it means that an Accredited Practitioner has been working with a variety of clients and provides treatment that meets international standards of EMDR practice. 

  • EMDRAA Accredited Consultant. Consultant must meet the following requirements:
    • Treatment of a broad range of clients of varying diagnoses and complexity
    • Completion of a minimum of 300 EMDR sessions
    • Treatment of a minimum number of 75 clients
    • Demonstrate competency in the provision of EMDR clinical supervision/consultation (This will ordinarily be a minimum of 20 hours)
    • Participation in regular clinical consultation / supervision of on-going EMDR therapy clinical work
    • A minimum of 24 hours EMDR Continuous Professional Development (CPD) since becoming an EMDRAA accredited Practitioner.
    • Submission of a minimum of three DVD’s or in-vivo sessions in total of EMDR clinical work, an individual EMDR clinical Supervision session and a Group EMDR Clinical Supervision

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