Books I read -Pageboy

I remember really well watching “Juno” ,  I really liked that movie and since then I think I’ve seen most of Page’s movies. So I was keen to hear  Pageboy‘s story.

I need to admit the book made me sad, angry, frustrated and overwhelmed. I wished Ellen could have received more support from her father, my hurt was broken for her for all the abuse she received.  The book is very personal, exposing a lot of details of past trauma and abuse, something that, unfortunately, we know happens to most of people from marginalised groups.  This injustice makes me rage. As a psychologist, I can understand why people discriminate against others, but still, the injustice enrages me. 

I admire Elliot for his honesty and courage. I  think it’s an important read for those not understanding LGBTIQA+ struggles.