Neurodiversity Affirming EMDR :working with ADHD and Autism

What is Neurodiversity Affirming EMDR Therapy? 

With neurodiversity-affirming therapy, we focus on the strengths that all our brains have. With Neurodiversity Affirming EMDR Therapy, we make sure that the approach is adapted to your neurotype and your unique needs. 


What kind of accommodations could Neurodiversity Affirming EMDR Therapy include? 

  • extended preparation phase: making sure that the client has the right resources  and support around them 
  • building/ strengthening positive identity 
  • working on or preventing burnout
  • learning energy budgeting 
  • using interests as resources 
  • working on interoceptive differences 
  • exploring sensory needs
  • exploring communication needs 
  • executive functioning 
  • using strength based language
  • addapting BLS to client’s preferences
  • processing in accordance with the ability to access feelings 


Our Psychologist, Ewa, regularly attends training and supervision with neuro-affirming EMDR consultants.

She has completed  Neurodiversity Affirming EMDR training with EMDR Consultant Anna Clarke and  3-day-long course “TRAUMA-INFORMED NEURODIVERSITY AFFIRMING THERAPY For Autistic & ADHD Clients” with Anna Clarke and Monique Mitchelson.