Adult ADHD support and learning group

Adult ADHD support and learning group

Learn to roll with your diagnosis of Adult ADHD

About the Group:

The aim of the group is to assist you in working on customising your health routine, understanding yourself better, accepting your unique brain and connecting with other like-minded ADHDers.

What’s included:

Sessions outline:

Session 1 (05/02/24)

Eating – we will discuss your current eating habits, and we will work on small steps to introduce changes in the most important areas (eg. having regular meals)

Session 2 (19/02/24)

Sleeping – how do you sleep? Are you getting enough sleep? What would you like to change in your current sleeping routine?

Session 3 (04/03/24)

Self-care and self-soothing – what kind you strategies do you have in place? How do you calm yourself down and what does the research say is the best practice

Session 4 (18/03/24)

Exercising – we will discuss the current guidelines and how to make it achievable for each one of us in the group

Session 5 (15/04/24)

Daily routine &time management – what kind of daily routine do you have in place? Do your time-management skills need some upskilling? Which applications are the best?

Session 6 (29/04/24)

Relationship issues- how ADHD diagnosis is affecting your relationship and what can we do about it. We will have a couples therapist joining us for this session

How it works:

  • From 5 February 2024, this group will run once every two weeks on Mondays at 1pm for 60 min ( Easter Monday exclusive)
  • There is no medicare rebate for these sessions
  • Each session is $89 per person
  • A minimum of 3 participants are required for the group to go ahead ( max. 6 people in the group )
  • You can join any time, as there is no requirement to participate in all sessions
  • You do not need an ADHD diagnosis to participate in the group sessions
  • You do not need a referral or Mental Health Care Plan

This Group is For You If:

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About group Facilitator

Hi, my name is Ewa, and I am a registered psychologist. I have extensive experience working with adults diagnosed with ADHD. I am also a Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinician, meaning I have eating- disorder-specific training, experience and regular supervision.

I am a member of AADPA (Australian ADHD Professional Association) , and I collaborate with ADHD.BED clinic in Melbourne. I see clients primarily online. You can learn more about me on here.

I have recently published an ebook: Adult ADHD Diagnosis: Next Steps, a Guide for newly diagnosed ADHDers


Yes, this group is not a substitute for individual therapy, and you can continue seeing your regular therapist.

Yes, you can join any time, there is no need to attend all sessions.

You can pay via card (extra fee applies) or via bank transfer after the appointment.

Unfortunately no due to privacy reasons.

Unfortunately no, again due to privacy and ethical reasons.

Important Information

  • The group is available only for new clients. You can not join if you are currently EN Psychology client.
  • This is not a substitute for individual therapy, please seek individualised support if you are in severe distress

Terms & Conditions

  • To join you will need to be +22
  • You will need to complete an intake form at least 5 days before the session you are joining

Cancellation Policy
We set aside an hour for your appointment. Please give at least 24 hours notice (business days), otherwise you will be charged for the session as a cancellation fee of $50 (cannot be rebated by Medicare, private health funds, or insurance companies). No refunds offered.

For missed appointments, you will be charged full fee. (It cannot be rebated by Medicare, private health funds, or insurance companies).

Please note that you will not be able to book another session until the cancellation fee is paid.

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