Adult Autism Assessment

Adult autism assessment

Through my clinical experience, I have observed that more and more of my adult ADHD clients present with autistic traits. 

The research is inconsistent regarding the statistics; however, it is estimated that up to 70% of ADHDers meet the criteria for Autism diagnosis. 

We currently offer a few autism assessment options: 

  1.  3 individual sessions: 2 assessments sessions and 1 feedback session  ( no report) -$1000 ( some  Medicare rebate might be available  ) 
  2. 3 individual seasons (2 assessments sessions and 1 feedback session ) + short  1 page report – $1250
  3. 3 individual sessions (2 assessments sessions and 1 feedback session ) + full report -$1600 

We also provide combined ADHD and autism assessment: 

  1. 4 individual sessions ( no report ) $1300 
  2. 4 individual sessions + short report $1600
  3.  4 individual sessions + full report $2000 

Why should I get assessed? 

  • There is no medication for autism; most treatment focuses on addressing individual needs 
  • Following a diagnosis, most people report relief and reduction of anxiety symptoms 
  • You might be eligible to access NDIS 
  • Keep in mind that having an autism or ADHD diagnosis might affect your eligibility for certain jobs or visas 

Should I get a report? 

The report would only be needed if you apply for NDIS or other support organisations. If you are getting assessed for personal reasons ( better self-awareness), then it might not be necessary. 

If your University or your employer require more information, a simple letter might be sufficient. 

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