Psychologist under WorkCover Queensland and WorkSafe Victoria

In Australia, each state manages WorkCover claims differently. If you got injured in NSW and you are looking to see a psychologist under Workcover, you can use SIRA’s website and their “Allied health practitioner search”: https://www.sira.nsw.gov.au/information-search/health-care-providers. This is not the case in Queensland and Victoria. So it can be more difficult to find a psychologist who …

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ADHD and Eating Disorders (Binge Eating Disorder)

Yes, unfortunately  ADHD frequently co- exists with other challenges such as Eating Disorders, mostly a Binge Eating Disorder.   “According to Kooij and colleagues (2019), 60–80% of individuals with ADHD show life-time comorbidities such as anxiety disorder (34%), mood disorder (22%), behavioral disorder (15%) and substance use disorders (11%). One of the most prevalent medical comorbidities …

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Interoception and self-regulation

Interoception issues “Interoception: Interoception refers to one’s feeling and interpretation of internal bodily signals such as hunger, fullness, pain, thirst, temperature, fatigue, pleasure, or heart rate.  Interoceptive confusion is common among autistic people as well as ADHDers. Interoception is connected to time processing, perfectionism (motivation, attention, memory, emotional responsiveness, sense of self, and goal-directed behaviours). …

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Here’s a list of some podcasts I love:

  Here’s a list of some podcasts I love: Nutrition & exercising for mental health:  Blood sugar:  https://drchatterjee.com/how-to-control-your-blood-sugar-cut-cravings-and-get-your-energy-back-with-jessie-inchauspe/  Exercising: https://hubermanlab.com/science-supported-tools-to-accelerate-your-fitness-goals/  Diet and mental health: https://hubermanlab.com/dr-chris-palmer-diet-nutrition-for-mental-health/ Strength training: https://drchatterjee.com/the-critical-importance-of-strength-training-and-eating-more-protein-with-dr-gabrielle-lyon/  Exercising and anxiety: https://drchatterjee.com/why-anxiety-is-your-superpower-with-dr-wendy-suzuki/  Ageing: https://hubermanlab.com/dr-elissa-epel-control-stress-for-healthy-eating-metabolism-and-aging/ Sleeping: For neurodiverse people: https://omny.fm/shows/the-neurodivergent-woman/sleep-and-neurodivergence   and more here: https://omny.fm/shows/the-neurodivergent-woman/treating-sleep-disorders  Toolkit: https://hubermanlab.com/toolkit-for-sleep/ General: About change: https://drchatterjee.com/bitesize-how-to-thrive-in-times-of-change-julia-samuel/ Intro to CBT:  https://feelinggood.com/2016/11/09/podcast-7-m-methods-you-feel-the-way-you-think/ Trauma and …

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Neurodiversity adhd autism

Neurodiversity and neuroaffiring approach (in treatment of ADHD and Autism)

“Neurodiversity, which means recognizing and celebrating the diversity of brain makeups instead of pathologizing some as “normal” and others as “abnormal.” (From ”Divergent Mind: Thriving in a World That Wasn’t Designed for You” by Jenara Nerenberg ) In other words: Neurodiversity refers to differences in brain functioning.  No two brains are the same; as such, …

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