Adult ADHD Diagnosis: Next Steps, A Guide for Newly Diagnosed ADHDers


This guide has been created from my clinical experience, however, it has also been informed by the lived experiences of some of my clients, who kindly shared their opinions on certain topics.

I have tried to cover the most common issues and concerns that arise when receiving an ADHD diagnosis as an adult.

In this guide:

  1. Where to learn more
  2. Difficult emotions and thoughts
  3. Should I tell or not tell my employer?
  4. Advantages of medication
  5. Disadvantages of medication
  6. Strategies used to manage ADHD
  7. Best applications
  8. Advice from other ADHDers
  9. Treatment options
  10. What about Autism?
  11. What about your relationship with food?
  12. What you might not have heard of: RejectionSensitive Dysphoria (RSD)
  13.  Interoception in ADHD



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