Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

EN Psychology specialises in assisting clients on Workers Compensation in different states, including: WorkCover QueenslandWorkSafe Victoria  and WorkCover NSW.  We have designed three programs to assist clients depending on their needs and injuries.


General program- focuses on learning coping mechanisms to increase self-efficacy and assist clients with the following issues:

  • Bullying and harassment
  • Anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder 
  • Injustice and conflict resolution
  • PTSD, trauma ( using EMDR therapy


Pain program – adjusting to living with chronic pain. This program uses  specific techniques that can help reduce pain. It is a structured program which will equip clients with evidence based techniques to manage pain better. 


Wellbeing program–  this program focuses on establishing health goals and  creating a life worth living while struggling with an injury. The main techniques used are based on ACT approach (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) and mindfulness.

Location: Telehealth 

T: (02) 9100 0102

New referrals: Please send us an email with your case details and we will get in touch to book your first appointment.